Hi people!

Looks like 2016 will be a very exciting year. We have just recorded the new Passport CD. The release date will be May 2016. It is featuring some very fine musicians like Udo Lindenberg, Nils Landgren, Dominic Miller, Max Mutzke, Sasha, Hege Schneider and others. Throughout the year we will be performing the Passport Jubilee Tour in many cities in and around Germany. A movie about the making of the new CD and of Klaus Doldinger’s life as a musician will be broadcasted at the German national TV ARD on May 8. at 23.35 hours.
In February and March I'll be playing the Musical Hair. It is produced by the Gärtnerplatz Theater Munich. That’s going to be an exiting show! I very much love the bass lines of the original Broadway production played by Wilbur Bascomb!
In spring time I'll be part of the International Jazz Workshop in Erlangen.
Chop Gelado a Brazilian Pop-Jazz Band will be releasing it’s new CD in July. The release party will be on July 26. at the Filmcasino in Munich. Don’t miss it !!!
I’m having the big pleasure of being on the road again with Ola Onabule, an extraordinary singer and gifted composer from Great Britain.
I’m looking forward to a CD production with the band Groove Galaxy in August. It’s going to be some serious Fusion Music and a lot of fun!

I hope to see you on one of the shows. Keep it up!

Recent Releases

Passport Doldinger

Release date: May 2016, Warner
Klaus Doldinger - saxophone
Michael Hornek - piano, keys
Martin Scales - guitar
Patrick Scales - bass
Ernst Ströer - percussion
Biboul Darouiche - percussion
Christian Lettner - drums
Special guests:
Udo Lindenberg, Max Mutzke, Sasha, Nils Landgren, Dominic Miller, Helge Schneider, Curt Cress, Wolfgang Schmid, Roberto DiGioia

Matthias Bublath Eight Cylinder

Release date: 2015.
Matthias Bublath - piano, b3
Takuya Kuroda - trumpet
Gabor Bolla - tenor saxophone
Tim Collins - vibes
Patrick Scales - bass
Christian Lettner - drums

Pee Wee Ellis The Spirit of Christmas

In the studio with Pee Wee Ellis
Pee Wee Ellis - tenor saxophone
Gary Winters - trumpet
Fred Wesley - trombone
Jason Rebello - piano
Tony Remy - guitar
Patrick Scales - bass
Guido May - drums
Lillian Boutté - vocals
Clare Teal - vocals
Lisa Bassange - vovals
Peter Fessler - vocals