Klaus Doldinger’s Passport – En Route

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8. Mai 2015
Klaus Doldinger's Passport
Producer: Klaus Doldinger
Number of discs: 1
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Passionate, creative, fresh: no one can get past him.
Review by Sven Kabelitz

It seems almost impossible to grow up in Germany and not come across the jazz and film music composer Klaus Doldinger. He wrote the soundtrack to „Das Boot“ and the novel adaptation „The Neverending Story“. He had us all in his pocket with the theme tune to „Tatort“ at the latest. With his band Passport, which briefly included Udo Lindenberg, he is now releasing his 34th album.

Born in Berlin in 1936, Doldinger continues to radiate admirable passion, creativity and freshness. The tenor and soprano saxophonist enchants with virtuoso solos and exuberant joy of playing.

A not inconsiderable part of this passion comes from the constantly changing Passport formation. Their latest, excellently presented incarnation gives „En Route“ many an unusual coloration. The deluxe rhythm quartet, consisting of Patrick Scales (bass), Christian Lettner (drums), Ernst Ströer (percussion) and Biboul Darouiche (percussion), forms a wonderfully groovy basis.

Michael Hornek’s keyboard sound then spreads out in all its shades. Guitarist Martin Scales, who has just come on board, contributes rockier sounds. Together they form Doldinger’s backbone and, thanks to him, are repeatedly given the opportunity to showcase their own talents.

The opening track „Seven To Four“ describes the album perfectly. This graceful piece, whose pulse beats in 7/4 time, radiates grace and joie de vivre with the grandeur of Weather Report. World music influences and bebop are juxtaposed, combining with the catchiness of Doldinger’s film scores. „Infusion Rag“ underpins this foundation with a hefty dose of funk. Above all, Michael Horneks shines here with a synthesizer solo that is as crazy as it is dry as dust.

In the rumbling „Stratosport“, which is peppered with tempo changes, the master lets his saxophone scratch and shimmer venomously before making room for his fellow musicians. He initially performs the dusky jazz ballad „Dark Flame“ all by himself until the band gradually joins in. Hornek launches into a magnificent piano solo, which Christian Lettner joins in on in exemplary fashion. In this interplay, they get to the heart of the subtle imposing nature of jazz.


Klaus Doldinger – sax
Martin Scales – guitars
Michael Hornek – keyboards, grand piano
Patrick Scales – bass guitar
Ernst Ströer – percussion
Biboul Darouiche – percussion
Christian Lettner – drums

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