Scalesenders – This And More

Edition Collage / GKM Music

8. Februar 1994
Edition Collage / GKM Music
Number of discs: 1
Liner Notes by Klaus Doldinger:

Since it is my pleasure to occasionally work live on stage with some members of SCALESENDERS – the group involved in this production – and with saxophonist Johannes Enders being one of the most remarkable new voices in Jazz on the German scene aswell as on the international one, I knew that nothing could go wrong with this recording session. Personally, I feel that the original compositions, Martin Scales excellent guitar solos and the well-balanced interplay of the band are outstanding.
Good luck,

(Klaus Doldinger)


Liner Notes by Franco Ambrosetti:

Congratulations on this beautiful recording! I enjoyed listening to it very much and find the music highly creative and inventive.
(Franco Ambrosetti)


Martin Scales – guitar
Johannes Enders – sax
Stefan Schmid – piano
Patrick Scales – bass
Falk Willis – drums

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