Klaus Doldinger’s Passport on Stage in Backnang

by Holger Orf

These shots of Passport were taken by Holger Orf on the 8th of February 2020 at a concert in Backnang. Holger sometimes tours with the band as its road manager and if he has time grabs his camera…

Klaus Doldinger’s Passport

Retirement is out of the question for Klaus Doldinger, who celebrates his 85th birthday on May 12, 2021. Always devoted to his passion for music, his ears are still pricked up. Back then, in the early 1950s, he founded the Dixieland band The Feetwarmers, which was followed by the Klaus Doldinger Quartet, with whom he devoted himself to modern jazz. Today, he says modestly, he wants to continue to constantly improve. But in what, one is tempted to ask. In filling his saxophone tone with even more soul? In composing? Actually, he has already played, narrated and said everything and more that a musician can communicate in almost two lifetimes. As if mental and physical vitality were nothing, he looks at you a little skeptically and answers in a tone of conviction: „Of course in everything“.

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