Lancy Falta

Sindicartel - Postsaal - Bad Grönenbach

1. August 2024
8:00 pm
Marktstraße 10a 87730 Bad Grönenbach
Lancy Falta
Patrick Scales
Lancy Falta Sindicartel

Lancy Falta, who descends from the Reinhardt clan on his mother’s side, learned to play the guitar from his father Bobby Falta (solo guitarist and co-founder of the Schnuckenack Reinhardt Quartet) at the age of 10 and is now one of the elite musicians in Europe. Lancy Falta is not only one of the best guitarists, he is also an outstanding composer and musician, as he emphatically proves on his latest CD release „Lancy Lot“. In 2022, this production made it to the top 20 in Germany, and he performs original compositions from it live with his new band „Lancy Falta Sindicartel“.

His high level of playing and his sophisticated technique were appreciated in collaboration with musicians such as Joe Pass, Chaka Khan, Philip Catherine, Kosta Lukasc, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Schnuckenack Reinhardt, Zipflo Reihardt, Babik Reinhardt (son of DJANGO), Tony Lakatos, Horst Jankowski, Joe Zawinul, Alex Acuña, Carles Benavent.


Lancy Falta – guitar

André Schwager – piano and keyboards

Max Grosch – violin

Arno Haselsteiner – drums

Patrick Scales – bass

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